Alumni & Friends Events

Starting off with initial impulse presentations, these events promote experience-, knowledge- and opinion- exchange on topics that drive today’s business world.

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Alumni & Friends Spring 2022

Building Data-Driven Business

In this "Alumni and Friends Event", speakers from Mindfuel and Vorwerk showcased how to transform product-centric companies into data-driven businesses that differentiate themselves through data-enabled learning and data productization.


  • The motivation and path of Vorwerk to transform into a data-enabled business
  • How every company can transform into a data-enabled business
  • How to data-enable your company


  • Maximilian Könnings, Founder and CPO at Mindfuel
  • Robert Keil, Strategy Lead at Mindfuel
  • Sebastian Meyer, Senior Manager User Experience at Vorwerk

Alumni & Friends Fall 2021

Change the Game - Customer Experience 2022

In this "Alumni and Friends Event", speakers from innovative digital companies like NEST ONE and Interactive Marketing Group showcased best practices in "Digital Customer Experience".


  • How did COVID change consumer behaviour?
  • What is the Post-Corona Customer Journey?
  • Why do digital business models need real experiences?


  • Lars Debbert, Managing Partner at NEST ONE
  • Aaron Herbst, Data & Analytics at img
  • Slaven Marinovic, Managing Partner at Savvy Partners and Savvy Awards
  • Juergen Roesger, Managing Director at img and the Digital Academy@MBS

Alumni & Friends Spring 2021

Leading Digital Transformations

In this "Alumni and Friends Event", speakers from Roche and Kokoro gave valuable insights into leadership and digital transformation in their organizations as well as in general.


  • What are the key leadership issues in digital transformation?
  • How does Roche manage its digital transformation?
  • How to transform people and teams through data-informed insights?
  • How can more leadership for digital transformation and innovation be provided in times of the pandemic?


  • Dr. Alan Hippe, Group CFO and CIO at Roche
  • Imran Ur-Rehman, Founder of Kokoro

Alumni & Friends Fall 2020

Virtual Platform Ecosystems

In this "Alumni and Friends Event", speakers from Ciconia Software, the Mannheim Business School as well as the Technical University of Munich gave insights into platform ecosystems and how to run them based on a real-world case -


  • What are the foundations of platform ecosystems?
  • How can platform ecosystems be successfully scaled?
  • Which strategies help overcoming platform failure?
  • How do these insights apply to a real world case -


  • Prof. Dr. Jens Förderer, Professor at the Technical University of Munich
  • Mustafa Gercek, Co-founder of Ciconia Software
  • Prof. Dr. Armin Heinzl, Professor at the University of Mannheim and Mannheim Business School
  • Marko Jeftic, Co-founder of Ciconia Software