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Digital Trail 

The Digital Trail Certificate Program is built for digital leaders and innovation champions responsible for transforming or building businesses. 
It will prepare you to lead upcoming change and utilize newly arising digital opportunities whilst gaining in-depth knowledge from internationally renowned lecturers from industry and academia.
Parallel to the three-month curriculum you will work in a cross-comany collaboration project on an innovative business idea: 
The Digital Collaboration Project (DCP).

Virtual X

New program: Virtual X comprises a set of online modules that empower managers into an uncertain, more virtual future. Every module consists of three 90 minute blocks which are distributed over three subsequent days. 
Starts in September 2020

Digital Hotspot Exploration

You'll feel the pulse of the world's biggest digital markets, learn from corporates and start-ups as well as from academic speakers on-site.

Alumni & Friends

Meet your peers again and connect in an online setting while receiving new insights.

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