Alumni & Friends

Connect with your peers and learn from each other while receiving new insights

Alumni & Friends Spring 2021

Leading Digital Transformations

May 18, 09:00-12:00 CEST

Guest Speakers

Dr. Alan Hippe, Group CFO and CIO at Roche

Imran Ur-Rehman, Founder Kokoro


9.00 am - Welcome
Juergen Roesger, Industry Director
The Digital Academy@MBS


9.10 am - Moderated opening discussion
“What do you experience as the key leadership issues in digital transformation”? 
Gerwig Kruspel, Director Customer Relations
The Digital Academy@MBS


9.30 am - Keynote "Roche's digital transformation"
Dr. Alan Hippe
Group CFO and CIO at Roche


10.15 am - Meet alumni & friends in break-out sessions


10.45 am - "Tales of Transforming People & Teams through Data-Informed Insights"
Imran Ur-Rehman
Founder Kokoro


11.30 am - Moderated closing discussion
"How can we provide more leadership for digital transformation and innovation in times of the pandemic?"
Armin Heinzl, Academic Director
The Digital Academy@MBS


12.00 am - Closing Notes
Juergen Roesger & Armin Heinzl
The Digital Academy@MBS