Digital Hotspot Exploration

You'll feel the pulse of the world's biggest digital markets, learn from corporates and start-ups as well as from academic speakers.

Next proposed visit:

Digital Insights Copenhagen 2021

You are invited to come with us to Copenhagen.

Copenhagen, Denmark
Date: Q3 2021

Impressions about past explorations

2018 & 2019
The LeadershipGarage Experience

Inside Silicon Valley 

Walk and Talk with Prof. Dr. Larry Leifer
@, Stanford University

Empathy and User Needs - Workshop
with Prof. Dr. Larry Leifer

Google Culture and Digital Initiatives
@ Google Campus

Humanity in a World of AI
with Prof. Dr. Olaf Groth

Innovation Round Tables

Integrating Startup and Corporate Culture 
@ 360 Labs Startup Accelerator

Getting Started with Coding
@ Apple Palo Alto