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In three modules, you'll learn everything you need to take your company to the next level.
Harness the exclusive knowledge of our renowned experts from institutions like MIT Sloan, Technical University of Munich or University of Arts London as well as from cutting-edge companies like Virgin Media, Holoride, Munich RE and many more.

Meanwhile, you will reinforce your learnings in a cross-industry group project and profit from the combined experience of your ambitious fellow executives and our outstanding coaches.

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Extend your journey beyond this program and benefit from our powerful alumni community of best-in-class executives. 

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Module Overview

Module 1

Digital Transformation & Strategy

Learn from Prof. Dr. Martin Mocker how big corporations handle digitization and digitalization and how to apply those learnings to your own company.

Module 2

Technology Innovation Bootcamp

Get insights from a variety of speakers on topics and technologies that drive digital innovation and their fields of applications.

Module 3

Leading Digital Transformations

Let Prof. Dr. Isabell Welpe show you why digitalization, disruption and decentralization are the key drivers of leading organizations in the future.


Digital Collaboration Project

Form a cross-company team and conceptualize your own digital product or service in an agile environment with expert coaches by your side.

Details about our incredible modules

Digital Transformation & Business Strategy

The future calls for holistic strategies and dynamic processes. We have the answers to this call.

  • Learn how to foster the opportunities provided by digital innovation.
  • Master digital business strategies and develop digital business models.
  • Enable and lead your company's transformation by deriving best-practices from real-world case studies and global industry leaders.

The module is led by Martin Mocker and completed by experienced executives from companies such as DP/DHL or Munich RE.
It physically takes place in Mannheim.

Technology Innovation Bootcamp

Digital innovations create incredible new opportunities. Are you ready to tackle them?

  • Learn how disruptive innovations like AI or machine learning work and how leading companies make use of their power.
  • Harness the impact of digital transformation on your company's corporate functions and industry.
  • Discover how Customer and Digital Experience Excellence is changing the way how companies interact with customers.

Numerous industry experts will share their knowledge and experiences in this module.
It physically takes place in Mannheim.

Leading Digital Transformations

"Not the strongest survive, but those who can adapt" (Charles Darwin)

  • Innovate or die: Learn how to re-invent your organization successfully.
  • Discover the transformation necessities and their practical application: disruption, digitalization & decentralization.
  • Reconquer your company's creativity and establish a decentralized leading culture.

Isabell Welpe is the main presenter of this module alongside various experienced experts from companies such as Klöckner & Co or Siemens.
The module takes place physically in Mannheim.

Digital Collaboration Project (DCP) 

Lessons without practice quickly slip from memory. Our DCP prevents that.

  • Form a cross-industry group with your like-minded peers and build sustaining connections.
  • Conceptualize, prototype and validate a common idea. Present your result in front of a jury of top-notch executives.
  • Discover a unique applied learning experience with state-of-the-art methods and techniques.

Tomasz Borek and other highly experienced coaches guide you through the project and strengthen your learnings.
The DCP is partially integrated in the modules, has additional coaching sessions in between them and also requires individual effort.

Get to know some of our amazing experts

Martin Mocker is a renowned expert in IT-strategy and -management. In the past, Martin has accompanied big companies in their efforts to digitally transform their business models. He is a full professor at ESB Business School and a research affiliate at MIT Sloan

In his course he will:

  • Teach you what it takes for companies to successfully tackle digitalization as well as digitization and what to learn from the struggles those companies had.
  • Present you building blocks of digital transformation and how to translate classical operating models into digital ones.

After attending his course you will:

  • Be able to digitize and digitalize your companies' operating models.
  • Know what the next important step for your company regarding digital transformation is as well as how to start and execute it.

Isabell Welpe looks back on more than 20 years of trailblazing research on the link between economics and psychology and has become an indispensable part of the Digital Trail. Since 2009, she also was appointed full professor at the Technical University of Munich (TUM), specializing in disruptive leadership, transformation strategy and business organization. 

In her lessons she will show you:

  • What the current macro trends (Digitalization, Disruption and Decentralization) are and how you can use them in your company.
  • How to change the future path and fate of your company.

After attending her course you will:

  • Be able to lead our organization in uncertain times and establish a decentralized culture.
  • Advance your companies digital capabilities from an organizational and processual perspective.

Nils Wollny is the CEO and co-founder of holoride, one of the most promising and innovative inventions in the field of AR/VR and entertainment technologies. The former Audi executive won the famous 2021 SXSW Pitch® in the Entertainment, Gaming & Content category with his futuristic car ride entertainment system. He is a well-known expert on the automotive business, market traits concerning new technologies, and startups.

In his lesson you will learn:

  • How to indentify both creative and economic potential in existing companies and structures to enable new value propositions.
  • How to develop startup ideas from the absolute start to a successful finish state.

After attending his course you will:

  • Know how to to lift your projects, companies, or startups to the next level by using strategic tools and the right partners, based on your current status quo.
  • Recognize novel opportunities for interdisciplinary teams and projects, especially in the tech sector.

Jialin Wu is the Head of Digital Strategy at Virgin Media, the largest telecommunications company of Great Britain. She's an acknowledged expert on the Chinese tech industry as well as on global platform businesses and ecosystems. 

During her course she will show you:

  • What the key differences are between the Chinese tech industry and the western tech giants.
  • Which lessons you can learn from the Chinese tech industry and how to transfer it on your company.

After attending her lesson you will:

  • Be able to identify opportunities to establish ecosystems and exploit them based on your business models.
  • Optimize your position in the market by creating customer-centric "can't live without" solutions.

Tomasz "Tomek" Borek is an experienced master trainer and co-founder at NEON. His expertise especially lies in leadership innovation, design sprints and team collaboration. For the past years, he has exclusively trained top-ranking executives in transforming their businesses to reframe structures and empower their employees. 

Tomek is your coach for the Digital Collaboration Project and will teach you:

  • How you effectively discover new products and ideate novel ideas.
  • Which tools and techniques will help you to move forward at an even higher pace.

After the project you will:

  • Be able to successfully establish and use the design sprint method in your teams to generate better results faster.
  • Coordinate and facilitate your team collaboration even better to empower your employees.

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Why should you consider this program?

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  • Learn from internationally renowned instructors from industry and academia as well as from real life case-studies in a unique learning environment.
  • Develop insights, ideas and concepts on how to apply the lessons learned together with change leaders from other companies.
  • Be prepared to lead the transformation of your company and introduce powerful new digital innovations.
  • Exchange your experience with and learn from like-minded cross-industry peers. Become part of the amazing Digital Academy@MBS alumni network and benefit from our alumni & friends events.

What's in for your company?

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  • Get exclusive insights into how other industries solve their problems and exchange your experience with fellow change leaders. Work together on how to apply this to your industry.
  • Learn and directly apply novel methods and techniques on how to ideate and develop ideas into products.
  • Be prepared to capture and successfully exploit ongoing and upcoming digital innovations for your business.
  • Become part of a powerful community where you can always ask for input when facing future challenges.

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